H. Elder Brown, Jr.

A Message
From The Chairman

H. Elder Brown, Jr.

After 50 years of providing the best products and service, we’re poised for even greater success.

Continental Underwriters began in 1970, when my father recognized a great need. With firsthand knowledge of the offshore marine transportation industry, he saw that marine businesses deserved an insurance group that truly understood how best to insure their unique requirements. He had a clear vision for a company that served the marine industry with integrity and honesty.

Fifty years later, that vision remains as strong as ever. When it comes to product knowledge and the ability to perform and to deliver, CU is an industry leader. We establish long-term partnerships with clients built on respect and a shared sense of responsibility and purpose.

Now, we stand at a pass. We must prepare for future challenges as the industry continues evolving, but we cannot forget the invaluable lessons of our history.

In late 2019, CU completed plans to update our senior management team. In preparation, we invested in some of the finest talent available to ensure that CU remains an industry leader for years to come.

Our new structure also strikes a critical balance between youth and experience. As chairman, I continue to serve in a support role, along with other members of the Brown family, to preserve CU’s institutional knowledge and our corporate culture that has served stakeholders so well.

What does the future hold for CU? We look forward to continuing sustainable growth, adding more product lines, honing our ability to react quickly to ever-changing market conditions and seizing opportunities.

One thing will never change, however. We’ll never forget our original mission. CU will always use our industry experience to ask the right questions, to evaluate client risks and provide high quality coverage at a fair price.