Insuring your cargo from warehouse to warehouse and everywhere in between.

Shipping of goods, whether across the country or around the world, presents a number of risks that need to be protected against. Our experienced cargo team knows how to assess those risks and build the right policy to protect your cargo while it’s in transit or in a warehouse. Whether you’re shipping yourself or through a freight forwarder, you can work directly with us to ensure that your cargo and your business are secure.

Coverage Limits

  • Up to $25,000,000

Coverages (Included but not limited to):

All Risk Transit Coverage

Coverage to protect against physical loss or damage to the insured’s cargo. This is the broadest type of coverage that the shipper can buy to protect their merchandise while it is in transit.

All Risk Warehouse

Coverage for loss or damage of goods that are stored in a named warehouse. This is full value insurance, paying the full value of goods, less any deductible, in the event of a claim. Coverage attached to policy by endorsement only.

Salesman’s Samples

Provides coverage for samples carried by a salesman. Coverage attached to policy by endorsement only.

Inland Transit

Coverage for goods while they are being shipped within the United States. Policies can also be considered for foreign transit. Coverage attached to policy by endorsement only.




Inland Marine


Ocean Cargo


Excess Liability